Georgios A. Panetsos

Georgios A. Panetsos was born in Athens and is Professor of Architecture and Urban Design at the University of Patras Architecture Department where he has taught since 1999. He is currently chairman of the Department. He teaches design studios and lectures on architecture theory and criticism and research methodology.

He is the director of several research programs, including one on the redevelopment/enhancement of the Classical Marathon Way and others on the urbanism and architecture of towns in the Greek periphery. He has published six monographs and more than forty scholarly articles on architectural history, theory and criticism. He has been advisor on architecture and urban design to the Mayor of Athens (1991-94), the City of Rotterdam (1993-95) and the Greek Government (2002). He has been the Curator, and also the designer, of several architecture exhibitions, including two on the Parthenon and the Acropolis Restoration Works, shown, among others, in Osaka and Berlin.

He received the DiplArch from the National Technical University of Athens (1984, summa cum laude) and the MArch from Harvard University (1986).

He was the recipient of numerous academic fellowships and awards, including the Herder Fellowship at the Academy of Applied Arts and the Technical University, Vienna, Austria (1987-88).

His architecture firm, founded in 1986, has received numerous honors for design projects, including 9 prizes in 9 architectural competitions. His architectural and urban design work has been exhibited among others in Venice, Barcelona, Rotterdam, Paris, Lausanne, and Frankfurt, and published internationally. He is editor of the International Architecture Review 'DOMES'.