Perama, 1974-1989

Georgios Pantopoulos

In 1990 Georgios Pantopoulos (1939-1994) published ‘Contem-porary Perama Dreams’ as a private edition. The book included a brief methodological introduction, referring in particular to the relative position and permitted degree of the observer’s actual participation/intervention in the events observed, the reprint of an article, written together with I. Danou and published in the Deltio SADAS in February 1975, and the timeline of the creation of the spontaneous Perama settlement during the same period, incorporating transcribed material from popular assemblies. It also included a photo essay on the evolution of the settlement, from a settlement of miserable huts of 1973-74 to a town of ‘normal’ buildings in 1989, bearing the early signs of the subsequent consumerism.  

For full text please see printed version.